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Angels & Auras: 8 Lesson Online Course

Angel Expert Radleigh Valentine and Color Intuitive Dougall Fraser have teamed up to guide you on a journey into the enchanting world of Angels and Auras.

Eight Powerful 90-minute Video Lessons

  • Lesson One: Am I On the Right Path?
  • Lesson Two: Am I Living My Truth?
  • Lesson Three: The Commitment to Self-Love & Acceptance
  • Lesson Four: Beautiful New Ideas For Life Transformation
  • Lesson Five: The Search for Joy
  • Lesson Six: The Search for Clarity & Spirituality
  • Lesson Seven: The Search for Forgiveness
  • Lesson Eight: The Search for Enlightenment


  • Energy-Affirming Guided Meditations
  • Beautifully Illustrated PDF Workbooks
  • Exclusive Access to our private Angels and Auras Facebook Community
  • A Special On Demand Q&A with Dougall and Radleigh (pre-recorded) 


This program is available immediately on-demand.

WAS - $297
NOW - $55

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Tarot & Mediumship: 8-Lesson Online Course

Join bestselling author & Tarot Expert Radleigh Valentine and Psychic Medium Heather Hildebrand for a beautiful exploration of Tarot & Mediumship. 

🖼️ Four Engaging and Empowering 90-minute On Demand Video Lessons
Join Radleigh and Heather as they guide you through these information packed lessons and share powerful insights and useful techniques.

🍂 Four Video Tutorials On Doing Tarot Spreads for Mediumship
Dive into the spreads that will benefit your practice of mediumship and provide clarity, accuracy, and another level of skill to your readings.

🦋  Q&A Videos with Radleigh and Heather
Rad and Heather answer questions about working with the divinatory realms alongside angel work and share inspiration to help you blossom and shine on your spiritual path.

💫  Three Development Circle on Demand Recordings with Radleigh and Heather
Step into your circle of power and put your skills to the test in a safe and loving environment of your peers!

🔥 Downloadable and Printable PDF Tarot Spread Worksheets
Detailed worksheets to make Tarot Spreads easy peasy, fun, and effortless. Print them out, and use them as a template for giving effective Tarot and Mediumship readings.

🐬  Beautifully-Designed Workbooks to Deepen Your Experience
This gorgeous workbook will keep you on track, and break down the lessons.  It also serves as a journal for your discoveries, experiences, and a-ha moments.

🔮  An Evening of Messages: On Demand Recording
Join Radleigh and Heather for a magical night of tandem Tarot & Mediumship demonstrations so you can watch and learn how it all works!

This program is available immediately on-demand.

WAS - $297
NOW - $55

Save 81% off


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Angel Wisdom Tarot Workshop

Join Radleigh Valentine and gain valuable insights, knowledge, and guidance on using Angel Wisdom Tarot to perform powerful readings... for yourself and others.

Enjoy 8+ hours of never-before-released video training, including exercises, tutorials, and more.

What you'll get:

  • Chapter 1: Meet Your New Deck
  • Chapter 2: Understanding Symbolism
  • Chapter 3: The Major Arcana
  • Chapter 4: Fire and Water
  • Chapter 5: The Suit of Air
  • Chapter 6: The Earth Cards
  • Chapter 7: Practical Exercises and Q&A

This program is available immediately on-demand.

WAS - $220
NOW - $33

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A Journey With The Angels

Join Radleigh Valentine for a journey to the celestial realms, and discover three of the most profound guided angel meditations he's ever created.

What you'll get:

🙏 Three Brand-New Immersive Guided Angel Meditations with Radleigh Learn everything you need to know about connecting with the Archangels, your Guardian Angels, and your Higher self in three profound and immersive meditations.

💡 Introductory Videos to Prepare You for Each Meditation Before you even start the meditation, Radleigh shares valuable insights on how to get the most out of this powerful experience.

❤️ Meditation Tips and Techniques from Radleigh Your introduction to this program includes some of Radleigh's favorite and most effective tools for building a regular meditation practice.

This program is available immediately on-demand.

WAS - $197
NOW - $33

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Angels Guardians: 4 Lesson Online Course

Join Radleigh Valentine, Archangel Michael, and your Team of Angel Guardians as you explore all the best tools and techniques for Empowerment and Protection.

  • Lesson One: The Many Faces of Archangel Michael
  • Lesson Two: Centering, Clearing, Cleansing
  • Lesson Three: Invoking Safety and Protection
  • Lesson Four: Unlocking Confidence and Empowerment

This program is available immediately on-demand.

WAS - $197
NOW - $44

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Tarot and Manifestation: 4 Lesson Online Course

Join Radleigh Valentine for a course that will bring you wisdom, guidance, and support to manifest magic in every area of your life.

  • Lesson One: Saying Goodbye to the Past
  • Lesson Two: Tarot Vision Boards
  • Lesson Three: Manifesting with the Archangels
  • Lesson Four: Daily Guidance from Your Guardian Angels

You'll also receive:

📃 Brand-New Tarot Spread Downloadable PDF Worksheets
🙏 A Powerful MP3 Audio Meditation for Magical Manifestation
💎 Feng Shui and Crystals Tutorial Video
💌 Tarot LIVE Community Q&A Collection 

This program is available immediately on-demand.

WAS - $127
NOW - $44

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Hall of the Archangels

Discover the unconditional love, guidance, and support of your Archangels with bestselling author and tarot expert, Radleigh Valentine

Radleigh's pulled out all the stops to give you a comprehensive guide to fifteen of your favorite Archangels... from Ariel to Zadkiel!

Enjoy this archive of lessons, teachings, and exercises that will connect you to these celestial guides in a whole new way.

PLUS: Enjoy a bonus introduction and Angel meditation.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 15 individual Videos Lessons with all new information and teachings on the Archangels
  • Over 2 hours of instruction from Radleigh
  • A bonus audio meditation for connecting to the Divine

WAS - $111
NOW - $22

Save 80% off



Tarot Made Easy

Join Radleigh for a four-part exploration into the mystical and magical world of Tarot!

You'll learn how Tarot works, how you can use the cards to find peace and comfort, guidance for major decisions, how to share your gifts with others, and so much more.

  • Lesson 1: Tarot for Beginners: Tips on Getting Started
  • Lesson 2: Discover the Language of Tarot
  • Lesson 3: Finding Guidance in a Three-Card Reading
  • Lesson 4: Sharing Your Gifts with Others
  • Bonus #1: Mirror Work and Tarot
  • Bonus #2: Guardian Angel Meditation

Each lesson is approx. 90 minutes and is available on-demand.

WAS - $99
NOW - $22

Save 77% off



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