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Do you ever feel like... you're missing out on something big?


Do you look around at your life and wonder how you got here?

Maybe you want to get clearer guidance about your major life decisions, or feel more connected to the Divine... or it could be just living a life on your own terms.

But you don't know where to start...  



Maybe you've fallen into a pattern of putting everyone and everything else ahead of your own needs.

Or you've felt like it was never the right time to begin exploring your gifts.

Or you feel lost or disconnected from the things that make you feel alive.

Or you've all but given up on your dreams because they just didn't seem practical...

And now you feel like time is running out.

If you can open your heart and mind for just a moment and answer this one important question:

What would it mean for your life if all of that doubt, fear, and uncertainty were to suddenly disappear?

What would it mean for your relationships, your career, your health, your own spiritual journey...

If all those negative energies and ways of thinking faded away, and a bright new vision for your life began to appear?

What would happen if you brought a little magic back into your life?

You are about to discover something that will change everything...

What if you could gain access to a new source of guidance and wisdom? 


Illuminating the pathway to releasing fear and doubt...

Guiding you toward the healing and hope you need...

Allowing you to experience the comfort of unconditional love ...

Unlocking the door to the life you've always wanted ...


And becoming even more of the magical being you are destined to be.

"Bless those who seek and refuse to be afraid."


Radleigh Valentine

And what if you didn't have to embark upon this journey alone?


What if you could experience all of this... with a loving and like-minded community of people from all around the world... cheering you on.


Or a sense of true belonging with Soul friends and family who accept you for who you are.


And the knowledge that it is a safe and gentle place where you can grow and expand your skills.


The Magical Membership Experience
with Radleigh Valentine

A 12-Month Journey to Guidance, Wisdom, and Magic.

Launching LIVE + Online: Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 

Meet Radleigh Valentine

Imagine being best friends with a grown-up Harry Potter or with Peter Pan or Aladdin... or having a sparkling guardian angel or fairy godbrother whispering in your ear, encouraging you to believe that your life... is magic.

Best Selling Hay House author and celebrated spiritual teacher and speaker Radleigh Valentine vividly embodies the magic of those childhood dreams and brings them to life with his endearing, affirming message to readers and audiences that their lives truly can be as magical as their dreams.

Since 2012, he’s been bringing the angelic messages of pure love and unconditional support to millions of fans and followers from all around the world.

What You'll Learn In This Brand-New Membership Program


Connect with Your Angels

Radleigh is going deep into his spiritual archives to bring you never-before-taught exercises designed to connect you with your Celestial Guides and Guardian Angels to bring you:

  • Comfort and peace of mind
  • Unconditional love and support
  • Clear guidance and direction

Gain Wisdom from The Tarot

You'll also gain access to brand-new teachings, tutorials, and resources to bring the Tarot to life as you discover the ancient knowledge and Divine Wisdom in the cards, bringing you:

  • Confidence and certainty
  • Empowerment and strength
  • Transformation and growth

Manifest Magic in Your Life

There's so much for you to create, do, be, have, and experience when you're living life aligned with the Angels, guided by the Divine, and experiencing magic every day. This will allow you to:

  • Bring your vision to life
  • Create lasting change
  • Step into your destiny


And so much more...

What's Included...

When you join Radleigh's Magical Membership, you'll get unlimited access to brand-new teachings and resources... AND an exclusive community of people who are on the same journey.

Every month, we'll unlock access to a new collection of teachings and resources.. including:

Members-Only Video Workshops

Radleigh will guide you through some of his favorite (and fun) spiritual practices.

Beautifully Designed PDF Workbooks

Enjoy writing exercises, journaling prompts, messages of encouragement and more.

Downloadable Angel Meditations

Soar to new heights with a beautiful Angel meditation each month (just press play!)

Tarot Spread PDF Worksheets

Discover brand-new ways to work with the Tarot with these easy-to-use printable worksheets. 

Tarot Tutorials and Training Videos

Open and expand your Tarot skills and abilities with these new card-by-card tutorials from Radleigh.

Exclusive Tarot Deck Sneak Peeks

Be among the first to work with Radleigh's newest card decks (shh… don’t tell Hay House.)

Plus...Access to An Exclusive Private Online Community

You are not alone.

You're about meet your long-lost best friend, your Soul siblings, and your new family.

When you become a member you'll be welcomed into a circle of peers and collaborators who are on the same path you are.

Connect with like-minded people, share your story and experiences, offer unconditional love and support... and so much more in our private Facebook Community.

AND... The Long-Awaited Return of "Ask Rad"

You've been asking... we finally have your answer.

Ever since Radleigh's Hay House Radio show went off the air, there hasn't been a way to ask your questions and find the answers to your biggest spiritual questions... until now. 

We're bringing back "Ask Rad" exclusively to our members. Every month join Radleigh and your peers for a LIVE 90-minute Q&A session. 

With... Surprise Bonuses and Gifts

Be ready for anything.

Radleigh LOVES surprises, especially the kind that bring you joy, laughter, fun, and MAGIC. 

As a part of this membership, you'll have to be ready for anything... because you never know how (or when) a special video or bonus gift may be heading your way!


Plus... Get Exclusive Members-Only Course Discounts!


Members save 44% off selected courses and programs...and get special extras throughout the year.

Your Map To A Magical Life

With each month of this program, the pathway in front of you will continue to unfold.

Gently guiding you to opportunities for breakthroughs (and some breakdowns), but all in an effort to get you from where you are right now... to where you've always wanted to be.

Think of this as your map to a magical life.


Awaken to Positive Thinking with Archangel Jophiel


Open and Expand Your Spiritual Gifts with Archangel Haniel


The Nature of Abundance & Prosperity with Archangel Ariel


Finding Personal Peace and Healing the World with Archangel Chamuel


The Power of Angel Prayers with Archangel Sandalphon


Attracting Harmony to Relationships with Archangel Raguel


Unlocking Your Creativity with Archangel Gabriel


Self Protection for Sensitives with Archangel Michael


Physical Health and Wellbeing with Archangel Raphael


Energetic Epiphany and Life Transformation with Archangel Uriel


Dreams, Magic, and Divine Wisdom with Archangel Raziel


Finding Forgiveness and Knowledge with Archangel Zadkiel

"There's a great big magical life for you that's just waiting to be discovered."


Radleigh Valentine

Here's Everything You Get When You Register Now...


  • A brand-new video workshop featuring your favorite Archangels
  • A brand-new beautifully designed PDF workbook with writing exercises
  • A brand-new downloadable Angel meditation from Radleigh
  • A brand-new downloadable PDF Tarot spread worksheet + new tutorial video
  • A LIVE 90-minute Group Q&A where you can ask Radleigh your questions
  • Bonuses, Sneak Previews, Surprises, and wherever else Spirit guides us...
  • PLUS: Save $$$ on selected programs at the Radleigh Valentine School



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Hi my magical friend, I'm so glad you're here.


You probably know by now that it's no mistake that you are here. Something's been calling you to explore your gifts.

A sense...a feeling, synchronicity, fate. 

We're on the verge of something really incredible... and I'm not just talking about this program.

You now have in front of you a choice. Do you keep on doing the same things you've always done... hoping that things will get easier, or more manageable, or exciting?

Or do you step away from the old ways of thinking, being, and doing... and into a life that's brimming with magic?

This year-long program is a culmination of my life's work fused with my greatest passions: helping people to connect to Spirit, with a gentle guidance from your Angels, and powerful wisdom from the Tarot.

So that you can create an extraordinary life of magic, abundance, fulfillment, and joy.

I've taken the very best of everything I've learned over the last three decades of study and practice... and now for the very first time, I'm bringing it all to you.

Let's bring back the magic,


What Radleigh's Students Are Saying

"Radleigh is a loving, caring, empathic teacher who holds space for his students to learn and grow. His tenderness and humor set him apart from other coaches and teachers vying for attention. Take any class of Radleigh's and see for yourself."

~ Sandy

"Radleigh is absolutely delightful, charming, fun, amazing, knowledgeable, spectacular and did I mention delightful? He is the Elton John of Angel Work! I just absolutely adore him!"

~ Pamela

"Radleigh is a burst of sunshine in a world that often feels cloudy; his bright and cheerful attitude leave me smiling every time I attend class. His style of teaching is accessible and down-to-earth without ever feeling diluted or superficial. Radleigh is the world's most excellent ambassador of joy and beauty. I am forever grateful for his teachings."

~ Jesamyn

Praise for Radleigh's Work

"You will soar into the stars with Radleigh Valentine's excellent advice and wisdom..."


Denise Linn 

Bestselling author of Energy Strands and Past Lives, Present Miracles

"Radleigh Valentine is the epitome of grace & compassion. He brings unparalleled wisdom to the world of Tarot, Angels, and Spirituality. Simply put, he is magical!"


Dougall Fraser

Psychic, Author, and Cosmic Coach

"Radleigh Valentine is the perfect guide to show you how to claim the truly magical life you were meant to live."


Jean Haner 

Bestselling author of Clear Home, Clear Heart and The Five Element Solution.

The Radleigh Valentine School

This warm and welcoming environment, will allow you to safely and gently explore your spiritual gifts.

Whether you're seeking a connection with the Angels, tapping into the ancient wisdom of Tarot, or you want to bring a little magic back into your life... you've come to the right place.

Radleigh offers transformational self-led online programs, live online courses, and in-person live workshops carefully designed to help you get from where you are right now... to where you've always wanted to be.

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