Have you noticed that you're attracted to certain colors more than others?


Are you searching for new ways to get in touch with your Angel guides?


Do you want to experience more joy and magic in your life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions...

This is the opportunity you've been searching for.

Angels & Auras: 8-Lesson Online Course

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serve as our loving guardians, lighting a path forward when we lose our way.

Our angels walk alongside us throughout life, just waiting to be asked for their support.

But there is so much more to these unique beings. Each archangel offers a specific set of qualities that light us up in beneficial ways.

In addition to their unique identities, every angel also has a specific color vibration that can be used to strengthen our connection to them.


are the life essence that glow around every living thing.

The color that radiates from us changes based on our current life circumstances, choices, and state of mind.

The human aura provides a wealth of information about us, such as whether we are in a more creative or leadership-oriented frame of mind. These colors can also be used to change specific aspects of our personality.

That’s why your current aura color provides a blueprint of your energy in this moment, as well as guidance on how to proceed.

Meet Your Guides

Radleigh and Dougall are Spiritual BFFs and Hay House colleagues who discovered interesting parallels between the worlds of angels and color energy. 

Combining their considerable expertise, they have been teaching these complementary spiritual concepts together at popular in-person workshops.

You won't find a more loving, laughter-filled, life-changing experience... than spending time with these two incredible teachers.

Dougall Fraser

Psychic and Cosmic Coach Dougall Fraser is an expert in the business of futures. Whether you want to examine your past, present or beyond, Dougall has a special ability to tune into your life... with a relatable voice, down to earth humor, and dead-on predictions.

Radleigh Valentine

Bestselling author and Angel Tarot Expert Radleigh Valentine vividly embodies the magic of those childhood dreams and brings them to life with his endearing, affirming message to readers and audiences around the world that their lives truly can be as magical as their dreams.

What Makes This Program So Unique...

Radleigh and Dougall are two of the world's leading experts in their respective fields. They've taken the very best of what they've learned and they're bringing you brand-new opportunities to explore the highest realms of your consciousness and the deepest depths of your soul.

For years, this spiritual super duo has taught this program in cities around the US, and for the first time ever... the entire program is being offered virtually... with brand-new LIVE lessons. 

That means you can experience all the learning and inspiration of an in-person workshop from the comfort and safety of your own home... and at your own pace and schedule.

You should also know that this program is open to students of ALL LEVELS. No matter what your background or experience, you'll tap into something powerful here.  

But one thing's for certain: The lessons you learn here could forever change the direction of your life... and the lives of the people around you... as you step into a new (AND COLORFUL) world of healing, hope and guidance.

This online program combines the loving guidance of our angels with the cosmic transformative energy of color.

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Experience safe and gentle guidance on how to:

Understand the powerful link between color energy and receiving angelic guidance.

Use color to align with your angels in a unique and meaningful way.

Receive valuable information and boost your intuitive skills.

Plus you'll discover new ways to...

Add a powerful new dimension to your work with angel card reading.

Weave healing color energy into your spiritual practice.

Find a deeper sense of peace and balance.

Your Angels & Auras Experience Starts Immediately

Angel Expert Radleigh Valentine and Color Intuitive Dougall Fraser have teamed up to guide you on a journey into the enchanting world of Angels & Auras.

Begin your experience right now... with four informative on demand video lessons, beautiful guided meditations, and companion workbooks to help you on the way.

Lesson One: Am I On the Right Path?

In this lesson, we'll help you recommit to your divine plan and ground your energy. We'll go through a weekly intention, Radleigh will introduce an Angel, and Dougall will share a color activation. 
This lesson is available immediately in your student account.

Lesson Two: Am I Living My Truth?

In lesson two, we’ll examine how fear is playing a role in your life. We will look into which fears actually serve your highest good, and which fears may be holding you back from living the most authentic life possible. 
This lesson is available immediately in your student account.

Lesson Three: The Commitment to Self-Love & Acceptance

In lesson three, we seek to understand why self-love and acceptance may be a challenge. We'll go over exercises to help activate the energy of self-love and embrace self-care as an act of self-love.
This lesson is available immediately in your student account.

Lesson Four: Beautiful New Ideas For Life Transformation

In lesson four we help you learn to embrace the upside of change: the opportunity to create a new vision, path, and a better future. We will create brilliant new ideas for life transformation.
This lesson is available immediately in your student account.

"The Divine is always, always trying to communicate with you. It's a matter of paying attention at all times so that you can receive the message."

Radleigh Valentine

Then Continue Your Angels & Auras Experience...

Next, you'll join Radleigh and Dougall for FOUR ADDITIONAL 90-minute video lessons where you'll unlock FOUR new colors and angel guides.

These four informative on video lessons will also include, beautiful guided meditations, and companion workbooks to help you on the way.

Lesson Five: The Search for Joy

Available On Demand

In this lesson, we’ll work with a color that is meant to provide you with the power of enthusiasm and joy in your life. This color can help to reconnect you to your inner child and to help you to live life to its fullest potential. We’ll introduce you to the corresponding archangel who is known for helping you to discover true peace and happiness in your life.

Lesson Six: The Search for Clarity & Spirituality

Available On Demand

In lesson six, we’ll connect you with the color and the angel that can provide you with a powerful connection to your spirituality. Find a true sense of awareness about what you wish to create in your life as well as helping you to clear your space, mind, and energy.

Lesson Seven: The Search for Forgiveness

Available On Demand

In lesson seven, we seek to be empowered to rise above any challenge of wound from our past or present. The color and the archangel are both able to help you to see things from the Divine perspective so that you can heal and move on to a higher vibe.

Lesson Eight: The Search for Enlightenment

Available On Demand

Finally, in lesson eight we talk about the color and archangel that can help you to integrate higher knowledge into your life. This is the path to balance and understanding that can help you to create anything you desire.

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Eight Powerful 90-minute Video Lessons

  • Enjoy Eight On Demand video lessons immediately.
  • These lessons are easily digestible lesson that will focus on a different aspect of your angels and their associated colors.

Energy-Affirming Guided Meditations

  • This program includes angelic color meditations led by both Dougall and Radleigh
  • Each meditation is designed to align your energy with specific angels
  • All meditations are digitally recorded and available to enjoy whenever you like

Beautifully Illustrated PDF Workbooks

  • Eight downloadable PDF documents for every lesson, with detailed notes, exercises, and additional information


Your Special Bonus Bundle

  • Exclusive Access to our private Angels and Auras Facebook Community
  • A Special On Demand Q&A with Dougall and Radleigh (pre-recorded)


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"Every single day we are surrounded by color energy and sent messages from the universe in the form of color. Once you learn to spot the signs, understanding color becomes a powerful way to receive guidance."

Dougall Fraser