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Three Reasons Why Tarot, Mediumship, and The Archangels Are The Perfect Spiritual Combo

Hosted by Tarot Expert Radleigh Valentine and Psychic Medium Heather Hildebrand

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What Radleigh & Heather Will Cover

🌞 How to approach Tarot and Mediumship from a place of fearlessness

🦋  What Mediumship can do for you as a Tarot Reader

😇 Meet Four Archangels who can help bring you messages from your loved ones in Spirit.

🍄 How to develop, strengthen, and hone your intuitive gifts through the balance of Tarot and Mediumship

👑  How to fill your life with magic and meaning!

...And that's just the beginning! 🎇

Meet Radleigh Valentine

Imagine being best friends with a grown-up Harry Potter or with Peter Pan or Aladdin . . . or having a sparkling guardian angel or fairy godbrother whispering in your ear, encouraging you to believe that your life . . . is magic.

Bestselling Hay House author and celebrated spiritual teacher and speaker Radleigh Valentine vividly embodies the magic of those childhood dreams and brings them to life with his endearing, affirming message to readers and audiences that their lives truly can be as magical as their dreams.

Since 2012, he’s been bringing the angelic messages of pure love and unconditional support to audiences from all around the world, including regular appearances at the Angel World Summit in London, Engelkongress in Germany and Austria, and Hay House I Can Do It! Events.

Meet Heather Hildebrand

Heather Hildebrand is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Coach and Teacher. Over the last 15 years, she has worked with thousands of clients across the globe, helping them find answers and solutions to life’s most challenging situations.

Heather has the extraordinary ability to communicate with those who have crossed over into spirit, making meaningful connections for her clients with impressive clarity.

Heather connects with her clients’ guardian angels, archangels and spirit guides to provide detailed, compassionate guidance for their spiritual path. Her teachings are relatable and down to earth, offering practical guidance to empower students to make significant improvements in their spiritual and earthly lives. Heather’s big heart and southern charm help clients feel comfortable opening up to receive the love and support available to them.

What Radleigh's Students Are Saying...

"Radleigh is a generous teacher whose infectious sparkly spirit translates not only into a joy filled class but he brings together a diverse community supportive of seekers. I learn, I meet new friends, I feel inspired, enlightened in mind and spirit. I could go on but it's Radleigh's pure and gracious spirit and his ability to share content easily and memorably that keeps me returning."


"Radleigh is absolutely delightful, charming, fun, amazing, knowledgeable, spectacular and did I mention delightful. He is the Elton John of Angel work! I just absolutely adore him!" 





"Radleigh is a loving, caring, empathic teacher who holds space for his students to learn and grow. His tenderness and humor set him apart from other coaches and teachers vying for your attention. Take any class of Radleigh's and see for yourself."




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