Are you intrigued by Tarot—perhaps you’ve even dabbled in reading—but you’re lacking confidence or don’t know where to begin? 

Are you an Oracle Card reader who wants to use Tarot as another tool of the Divine?

Maybe you’re a professional card reader who wants to expand your business offerings?

Or maybe you took Radleigh Valentine’s Certified Angel Card Reader course but still wanted more information about Angel Tarot?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course is for you:



Become a Certified Angel Tarot Reader!

This Powerful Online Course Includes:

  • Certification as an Angel Tarot Reader
  • Clear information on the structure and purpose of tarot
  • In-depth discussions to help you meet—and befriend—the royal members of the court cards
  • Advanced ideas such as the symbolism, astrology, numerology, and angels that will help you take your readings to the next level
  • Powerful ways to combine tarot with meditation, the law of attraction, and feng shui to create the life of your dreams
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to use existing spreads and how to create your own
  • An entire lesson focused on building an online presence and platform for a successful career
  • And more!
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Meet Your Guide to the Mystical Art of Tarot:
Radleigh Valentine

Join best-selling author Radleigh Valentine as he delves deep into the  mystical art of angel tarot. With straightforward, foundational information on card reading, paired with advanced interpretation techniques to deepen your relationship with the cards, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to perform powerful readings for yourself and your clients. And with priceless information on the practical side of setting up a business, you’ll soon be ready to jump into the world as a professional angel tarot reader!

Course Description

In movies, whenever someone gets a tarot reading, they inevitably get a card with scary words or images on them. This frightens people into believing that the flip of a single card might indicate bad times to come. But that’s not what tarot is. And that’s certainly not what angel tarot is. Tarot—including angel tarot—is a tool to connect with the Divine. It simply helps you glean potent information about situations in your life so you can choose the best path forward.

This exciting certification course with Radleigh Valentine is for anyone who wants to become more familiar with Angel Tarot Reading.

In six straightforward lessons, Radleigh takes a deeper look at multiple angel tarot decks and opens your eyes to their power to bring accurate and detailed information into your life and the lives of your clients.

With discussions on everything from how to prepare your deck for reading, to how to interact with clients, to how to create your own unique spreads, Radleigh gets you ready to access this language of the Divine.

He also delves deeply into the personalities of tarot (aka the court cards) and looks at astrology, symbolism, numerology, and the angels so you can take your readings to the next level. With live reading examples; information of how to read for topics such as health, romance, and career; and ideas on how to use tarot with meditation, manifestation, and feng shui, Radleigh has created the definitive modern guide to the mystical art of tarot.

But the course doesn’t stop there—it’s not just about reading tarot for yourself and your friends—Radleigh also dedicates an entire lesson to building a successful business. By the time you finish, you’ll be ready to jump into the world of professional angel tarot reading.

When You Register Now, You'll:  

  • Get clear information and understanding on the structure and purpose of tarot
  • Meet—and befriend—the royal members of the court cards
  • Comprehend more advanced ideas in tarot such as the symbolism, astrology, numerology, and the angels
  • Discover how to use tarot to improve your life and manifest what you’ve been dreaming of
  • Learn how to create your own spreads to advance your card reading skills
  • Gain the knowledge to start building an online presence and platform for a successful career
  • Become a Certified Angel Tarot Reader—a designation you may use in your work
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“Tarot can change your life . . .
you can get guidance that will lead you toward the life of your dreams.”

Radleigh Valentine

What You'll Learn In This Course:


Lesson One: Tarot Made Easy

In this foundational lesson, Radleigh lays out the basics of tarot reading, and then moves into a discussion of the major arcana timeline, a concept that you will find exclusively in this course. You’ll get:

  • Knowledge on the basic structure of tarot and how angel tarot differs from traditional tarot
  • Ideas on how to clear and prep your cards for reading
  • Information on the basics of reading, including shuffling and common spreads
  • Advice on how to choose the proper deck for specific readings
  • A deeper understanding of the major arcana through seeing the progression of their timeline, which relates each card to a stage of life, from birth to death to spiritual rebirth

Lesson Two: Developing Your Tarot Reading Skills

Angel tarot cards are an amazing tool for getting information from Heaven—by interpreting the story in the cards, you can access clear and accurate guidance from the Divine. In this lesson, Radleigh gives you concrete tips to do so and teaches you:

  • How to form specific questions in order to focus your reading
  • The best practices for reading for yourself and others
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to create your own spreads for dealing with specific issues
  • A powerful ego-busting meditation to help you tap into your intuition while reading
  • Four live readings—real questions from real people with real answers from Radleigh—so you can see how the stories in the cards come to life

Lesson Three: Meet the People On Tarot Cards

The court cards are one of the most misunderstood parts of the tarot deck—and they account for about 20 percent of it. This lesson will help you understand:

  • How the court cards—the pages, knights, queens, and kings—can represent both people and situations in readings
  • How personality attributes on cards can give information about a situation
  • The general energy and personality attributes of the four types of people in angel tarot court cards
  • How the suit of the court cards affects their general energy and personality attributes and what they might represent during a reading—in other words, the story that each card is trying to tell
  • Who gets along with whom in the cards and how the appearance of these friendly or adversary relationships affects the reading
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Lesson Four: The Symbols of Tarot

Lesson four is all about advanced reading techniques that will deepen your understanding of the cards in a tarot deck so you can give better, more accurate readings. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • Common symbols, archangels, and animals in tarot that will help the cards speak to you even more clearly
  • The relationship between astrology and the major arcana—an explanation of which celestial elements are associated with which cards and how that influences the character of the cards
  • What the numbers on the pip cards indicate and what it means if you get multiples in a reading
  • Why there are no “good” or “bad” cards in tarot

Lesson Five: The Magic Of Tarot

Lesson five is where things get really fun. Most people think of tarot simply as a divination tool, and that’s mostly what it is. However, you can use it in other ways to help you create the life of your dreams. Here you’ll see:

  • How to use meditation with tarot to gain deeper understandings about situations in your life
  • Advice on combining tarot with affirmations, the law of attraction, and feng shui in order to enhance energies and manifest desired outcomes
  • A step-by-step demonstration of how to create a tarot-based vision board
  • Techniques to help you calculate and interpret your birth cards to give you information about your life purpose and spiritual path
  • Information on how to do readings for career and life purpose, health, and romance

Lesson Six: Becoming a Professional Tarot Reader

In this final lesson, we move away from the specifics of reading tarot and into the nitty-gritty of starting your own tarot-reading business. You’ll find:

  • A powerful meditation that calls in the guidance of the archangels to help you figure out if you are truly called to be a professional angel tarot reader
  • Discussion of the ethical considerations to keep in mind as you read for others
  • Specific ideas on options for how to operate your business, such as doing in-person readings, distance readings, or working through a reading service
  • Clear information on marketing outlets necessary to get your name out into the world as a Certified Angel Tarot Reader
  • Ideas and resources to help you create engaging content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, as well as internet radio
  • Best practices for video livestreaming

“Tarot cards are a deeply insightful tool for understanding your life and helping other people.”

–Radleigh Valentine

Becoming a Professional Card Reader

Certified Angel Tarot Reader isn’t just about reading tarot for yourself and your friends. It’s also about taking your work to the next level as a Certified Angel Tarot Reader, who help paying clients. So Radleigh also dedicates an entire lesson to building a successful card-reading business.

He answers questions like, “Do I really need a website?” “How do I livestream video?” and “What kind of content will truly engage my followers on social media?” By the time you finish, you’ll be ready to jump into the world of professional angel tarot reading. 

Once you finish this course, you’ll feel ready and able to jump into the professional world of card reading!

Upon completion of the requirements in this course, you'll be a licensed Certified Angel Tarot Reader, and you'll receive a certificate that's suitable for framing. This paraprofessional worldwide designation demonstrates that you've taken extra training to understand angel tarot cards and underscores your preparation to give professional angel tarot card readings.

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Join our global community of open-hearted and like-minded people.

When you become a certified member of Radleigh's Angel Tarot Readers, you'll gain access to one of the most gentle, loving and supportive online communities around.

Join this program and open up to hope, unconditional love, and boundless possibility... as you become a part of this beautiful healing movement.

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Thank you Radleigh 💕it was a great idea✨ a great zoom time ✨and great readings 😇with lots of messages that resonated with me. 💕You were amazing ✨

Julie B.

Thank you Radleigh. May your generosity return to you multiplied many times over as beautiful blessings 🙏🏼💚


I LOVE RADLEIGH. This was a loving, complete, informational, ethical course. I will recommend highly.



This is the course that laid the foundation for me - absolutely fantastic. Thanks, Radleigh - you are the best!



I absolutely loved this course! So much wonderfully spirited information. Thank you Radleigh Valentine for all of your support in my spiritual journey! Sending you lots of loving and healing energy, God bless!!!



This course is fantastic, Rad is great, carring, easy to understand. He gives lots of détails and explanations. This course is complete and fun. I would recommand it 100 % without a doubt.



Wonderful course! Having become certified through the CACR course a few years ago, I found this course to be a perfect follow up. Once past the helpful review in the beginning, this course allows for deeper exploration of the card decks and specific cards themselves. Teachings about specifics and how to interpret cards and apply to readings you might encounter in your practice. There is also a wonderful set of modules on starting a business with helpful information around social media, marketing and the creation of a website.

Each video module is just the right length and is followed up with a helpful PDF review document AND a homework assignment.

Last but certainly not least ... Radleigh is a fantastic teacher! He mixes humor and little bits of personal experience into each lesson. He is warm, kind, charming and funny. He is encouraging and very clearly explains each topic being discussed. His audio meditations are simply lovely and calming.

I would highly recommend this course!



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You’ll Also Get These Bonus Gifts—Worth Over $300

Angel Prescription Video

Radleigh teaches you how to use the Guardian Angel Tarot Deck to create an Archangel Prescription. If you are going through a challenge and feel unsafe, unprotected or powerless, the Archangel Prescription is way of working with the Archangels to resolve these issues. It is also a wonderful way to bring more abundance into your life by focusing energy and releasing unpleasant thoughts. This is the first time Radleigh has taught this technique, and it is exclusive to this course.

Four Community Learning Audio Downloads

Tune in to hear recordings from past live online events in which Radleigh answered questions from former students of this course. With additional teachings and insights from Radleigh and this spiritual community you’ll get an even deeper understanding of what you’re learning in this course.

Access to a Private Facebook Group

When you enroll in this course, you’re not just learning to read tarot, you’re joining a robust, spiritual community—and you’ll be the opportunity to connect with these likeminded people in a private Facebook group, only for students of this course. This extraordinarily active group is moderated by Radleigh and his colleagues, and it offers a space for you to ask questions and get advice from people who are on the same journey as you. 

Audio Meditation for Letting Go of Ego

One of the biggest reasons that people are nervous about doing readings and interpreting the cards is because they believe that they will do it wrong. This is a function of the ego. Since reading is about connecting with the Divine and about intention, the ego shouldn’t play a role at all. Use this meditation to help you get out of your head and into your soul.

Hi my angel tarot friend!

Have you ever had a question about your life that you just couldn't answer?

Maybe it was about your purpose... or deciding whether to move or to stay. Or maybe about how to get unstuck and create the life of your dreams?

Angel Tarot can provide the answers you've been searching for, the Divine connection you crave, more magic than you could ever ask for... and it all happens right at your fingertips.

This course is the culmination of three decades of work and practice in the mystical art of Tarot, and has truly been a labor of love.

I know that the work you do here will forever change the direction of your life... and perhaps the lives of the people around you... as you gain the skills and knowledge to provide healing, hope, and guidance to those who seek it.

I am so grateful to be here with you on this journey, and I'm honored to be supporting you every step along the way.

See you in the course,