Have you noticed that you're attracted to certain colors more than others?


Are you searching for new ways to get in touch with your Angel guides?


Do you want to experience even more joy and magic in your life?


And help others to do the same?

The Radleigh Valentine School of Tarot presents...

Angels & Auras Certification Program

LIVE Online Orientation + Group Coaching + In Person Workshop

with Radleigh Valentine and Dougall Fraser










Connect with Your Angels, Explore the world of Colors... and find the answers you've been searching for.

This transformational weekend workshop is for anyone and everyone who wants to bring some much-needed color back into your life.

Whether you've previously worked with Radleigh, Dougall, or you've been on your own path, this could be the next powerful step on a long overdue journey of Spirit.

What you learn here could change the direction of your whole life... and the lives of the people around you... as you tap into the wisdom of Angels and Auras on a whole new level.

Meet Your Angel and Aura Guides:

Radleigh Valentine

Bestselling author and Angel Tarot Expert Radleigh Valentine vividly embodies the magic of those childhood dreams and brings them to life with his endearing, affirming message to readers and audiences around the world that their lives truly can be as magical as their dreams.

Dougall Fraser

Psychic and Cosmic Coach Dougall Fraser is an expert in the business of futures. Whether you want to examine your past, present or beyond, Dougall has a special ability to tune into your life... with a relatable voice, down to earth humor, and dead-on predictions.

Radleigh and Dougall are Spiritual BFFs and Hay House colleagues who discovered interesting parallels between the worlds of angels and color energy. 

Combining their considerable expertise, they have been teaching these complementary spiritual concepts together at popular in-person workshops.

You won't find a more loving, laughter-filled, life-changing experience... than spending time with these two incredible teachers.

What You'll Experience in this 6-Month Certification Program

In this powerful certification experience, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from two of the best... on how to bring more Angels and Colors into your life... and share these gifts with the world!

Radleigh and Dougall are two of the world's leading experts in their respective fields. They've taken the very best of what they've learned and they're bringing you brand-new opportunities to explore the highest realms of your consciousness and the deepest depths of your soul.

You should also know that this program is open to students of ALL LEVELS. No matter what your background or experience, you'll tap into something powerful here.  

But one thing's for certain: The lessons you learn here could forever change the direction of your life... and the lives of the people around you... as you step into a new (AND COLORFUL) world of healing, hope and guidance.

Discover Angel Wisdom

Angels serve as our loving guardians, lighting a path forward when we lose our way.

Our angels walk alongside us throughout life, just waiting to be asked for their support.

But there is so much more to these unique beings. Each archangel offers a specific set of qualities that light us up in beneficial ways.

In addition to their unique identities, every angel also has a specific color vibration that can be used to strengthen our connection to them.

Explore Auras + Colors

Auras are the life essence that glow around every living thing.

The color that radiates from us changes based on our current life circumstances, choices, and state of mind.

The human aura provides a wealth of information about us, such as whether we are in a more creative or leadership-oriented frame of mind. These colors can also be used to change specific aspects of our personality.

That’s why your current aura color provides a blueprint of your energy in this moment, as well as guidance on how to proceed.

PLUS: You'll delve even deeper into topics including:

How it's all connected

Understand the link between color energy and receiving angel guidance.

Getting aligned

Use color to align with your angels in a unique and meaningful way.

Boosting your abilities

Receive valuable information and boost your intuitive skills.

Color energy work

Weave healing color energy into your spiritual practice.

Tarot + Oracle skills

Add a powerful new dimension to your work with angel card reading.

Your happy place

Find a deeper sense of peace and balance.

And Did We Mention:

The live experience of this course is part of what makes it special. We wish we could be with you in person, but for now you'll be connecting with Radleigh and Dougall in real time via Zoom. 

Enjoy the power of the LIVE event experience... where anything can (and does) happen.

This Opportunity is for Students of ALL LEVELS

Angel Intuitives         Aura Readers         Tarot Readers                Magical Beings

Whether you've already had training... or you're only beginning to learn about your gifts... this inspiring and immersive weekend will support you on your journey.

Or, even if you're just curious about how these practices work... 

This immersive soul-filled workshop is for you.

Discover the loving guidance of our angels and the cosmic transformative energy of color.

This six-month certification experience combines four carefully designed parts that will guide you through the process. Explore your Resource Library, Four-Day Workshop, Six-Month Coaching Program, and Certification Exam.


Part I: Your Angels & Auras Resource Library

Get All NINE Powerful Chapters + Resources

Angel Expert Radleigh Valentine and Color Intuitive Dougall Fraser have teamed up to guide you on a life-changing journey into the enchanting world of Angels & Auras.

You'll gain access to all eight of the core lessons, workbooks, bonus sessions and more...

And you can use these resources to prepare yourself to get the MOST out of your four-day online workshop experience.

Chapter One: Am I On the Right Path?

Chapter Two: Am I Living My Truth?

Chapter Three: The Commitment to Self-Love & Acceptance

Chapter Four: Beautiful New Ideas For Life Transformation

Chapter Five: The Search for Joy

Chapter Six: The Search for Clarity & Spirituality

Chapter Seven: The Search for Forgiveness

Chapter Eight: The Search for Enlightenment

Bonus Chapter: It Ain't Easy Being Green

“My life purpose is to help remove the fear of spirituality in people’s lives by creating new and easy ways for you to interact with your angels and the Divine.”

Radleigh Valentine

Part II: Your LIVE Orientation Weekend Workshop

October 23-24, 2021 | Online

All Times in PACIFIC US Time. Please Note: Times and Topics are subject to change.

All sessions will be livestreamed, recorded, and available on-demand.  

Saturday, October 23

10:00am to 6:00pm

Begin your workshop experience with a powerful evening Angel Invocation and Color Activation ceremony led by Radleigh and Dougall.

Sunday, October 24

10:00am to 4:00pm

Your immersive orientation training will put you on the path as Radleigh and Dougall illuminate the road ahead and bring you tools and navigation for what comes next.

“Color is a language, and once you learn to spot the signs, understanding color becomes a powerful way to receive messages and guidance.”

Dougall Fraser

Part III: Six-Months of LIVE Certification Coaching Calls

Call #1: Decoding Angels & Auras


In your first coaching call, Dougall and Radleigh will continue the process of illuminating your path toward sharing these gifts with the world.


Call #2: Reading Rainbows in the Real World


Next you'll go out into the world and put your skills to the test as you prepare to do practice readings for friends, family, and even clients!

Call #3: The Business of Moving Energy


As your certification journey continues, Dougall and Radleigh will delve into tips and tools you can use build a thriving practice doing readings. 

Call #4: A Day In The Life of a CAAR


Step forward into the future as Radleigh and Dougall walk you through a typical day in the life of a practicing CAAR. Get tips and techniques to keep expanding your gifts.

Call #5: Angels & Auras Certification Exam Prep


It's time to get ready to take your Certification and Ethics Exam. Join Radleigh and Dougall for a fun-filled review session and Q&A to help you cram for the test!  

Call #6: Graduation Day Celebration!


Celebrate your success and continuing development as you add this powerful and effective skill to your healing toolkit. You'll also be able to network with like minded certified students.

Part IV: Your IN PERSON Workshop + Graduation

April 28 - May 1, 2022 | Los Angeles

All Times in PACIFIC US Time. Please Note: Times and Topics are subject to change.

All sessions will be livestreamed, recorded, and available on-demand. 

Thursday, April 28

5:00pm to 7:00pm

Begin your workshop experience with a fun evening welcome reception, including a powerful Angel Invocation and Color Activation ceremony led by Radleigh and Dougall.

Friday, April 29

10:00am to 5:00pm

Your first full day of immersive training will introduce you to brand new insights and inspiration from Radleigh and Dougall on angels, tarot, auras, colors, and so much more.

Saturday, April 30

10:00am to 4:00pm

Your second full day of training will take you even further in to this magical, wonderful world as Dougall and Radleigh share even more in-depth training, exercises, and readings.

Sunday, May 1

10:00am to 1:00pm

Bring your entire workshop experience together as Radleigh and Dougall help you integrate what you've learned, and celebrate as you walk the stage during your graduation ceremony.






On Saturday evening you're invited to join us for an evening of laughter and fun!

Be sure to don your angel wings, wear your favorite costume, or dress in your favorite aura color.

Enjoy fun Angel games, costume contests, door prizes, and more...

This is going to be... FABULOUS!

More About Your Accommodations

Discover the comfort and convenience of Westin Los Angeles Airport, situated just four blocks from LAX.

Discover refreshing accommodations in our array of hotel rooms and suites, each presenting refined comforts, signature bath products, ergonomic workspace and plush Westin Heavenly Beds. Ignite your senses with delectable American fare, fine wine and innovative cocktails at our stylish hotel restaurant and bar and explore nearby LA attractions such as SoFi Stadium™, the Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach and the Forum.

Elevate your experience with our signature programs and facilities - from the WestinWORKOUT® Fitness Studio and RUNWESTIN™ to our unique Peloton Room Package and Westin Pet amenities. 

After a full day, refresh in our outdoor heated pool or relax in our whirlpool. Discover a rejuvenating sanctuary at The Westin Los Angeles Airport.

Plus a Simply Heavenly Room Rate

Enjoy Special Rates Exclusively for Workshop Attendees

Only $149 per night

Space is limited. Book early!


Please note, this price does not include taxes and fees charged by the hotel.


Getting to Los Angeles

Flights and Airport Information

The hotel is located just outside of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

The airport is serviced by most major airlines, including Delta, Southwest, and American.

Driving Directions and Ground Transportation

The Westin Los Angeles Airport is located at 5400 West Century Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90045, just a few blocks away from LAX.

Scheduled Airport shuttle service is complimentary and available 24 Hours, 7 days a week.

Hotels and Accommodations

The event will take place at the The Westin Los Angeles Airport, where we have secured a special room rate exclusively for attendees.

The Hotel offers a full array of amenities, including plush bedding, Smart TVs, Wi-Fi, state-of-the-art fitness center, sparkling swimming pool, tempting restaurants, and more.

And... Now You Can Become a Certified Angels & Auras Reader!

Do you feel called to share your gifts with the world?

Now you can take everything you learn and experience in this brand-new program and bring them into your practice... and your life. 

This new blend of healing modalities can be used in doing readings for yourself, family, friends, and even clients!

Radleigh and Dougall have scheduled extra sessions during the program exclusively for certification students... with in-depth advanced teachings, exercises, event debriefs, assignments, and group coaching calls.

Certification Requirements:

In order to qualify for full certification, you must:

  • Participate or listen to all Workshop Sessions. 
  • Participate or listen to all post-event Group Certification Calls.
  • Complete ALL homework assignments. 
  • Complete and Pass a Certification Ethics Exam.
  • Complete and Pass an online Certification Exam.

Hey there... it’s Radleigh and Dougall

It's hard to believe that something that was just supposed to be a one-off radio interview a couple of years ago...has now evolved into an entire movement of healing, real spiritual growth, and transformation.

We had no idea that there would be such an amazing overlap of our teachings on Angels and Colors... and that such an incredible friendship would be forged as a result.

Since that first interview, it was clear to both of us that we needed to start sharing these unique and rarely-taught skills… so that others could experience the transformation, focus, and motivation that has helped us achieve so much in our own lives.

And now, we've seen first-hand how the power of this Divine information can create lasting change in virtually every area of your life… from your career and business, to your relationships, spiritual growth, major life decisions… and so much more.

What you learn in this workshop will help you fully activate your own study of Angels & Auras, Magic & Manifestation, and so much more... which could in turn, transform not just your life… but the lives of everyone you encounter from here on out.

This will be an unforgettable journey, and will bring some much-needed light, joy, and magic back into your life.

We can’t wait to see you in October!

Radleigh and Dougall

It's been a while since we've all been able to be together...

Until we can safely celebrate in person, this is your opportunity to reconnect with like-minded Angel friends, Aura pals, and Tarot twin souls who are truly supportive, enthusiastic, fun-loving, talented, and kind.

If you’ve been missing your true family of magical friends… and have been yearning to feel that connection again...

This is your chance.

The expansive, heartfelt, creative energy that this community creates by just coming together is LIFE CHANGING AND LIFE AFFIRMING.

Here's What You Get When You Register Now...

  • 40+ hours of immersive tools, teachings, and trainings
  • Access to All NINE Video Chapters of the Angels & Auras Online Library
  • TWO-DAY Angels & Auras Orientation Workshop
  • Six LIVE Group Certification Coaching Calls
  • FOUR-DAY In Person Workshop in Southern California
  • Morning Meditation Circle
  • VIP Invite to the Angels & Auras Ball
  • A Surprise gift from Radleigh
  • A Surprise gift from Dougall
  • Become Certified Angels & Auras Reader - Printable PDF Certificate

There's only one thing left to do...


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What some of Radleigh's students are saying...

What some of Dougall's students are saying...

Frequently Asked Questions...

"You will soar into the stars with Radleigh Valentine's excellent advice and wisdom..."


Denise Linn 

Bestselling author of Energy Strands and Past Lives, Present Miracles

"Radleigh Valentine is the epitome of grace & compassion... Simply put, he is magical!"


Dougall Fraser

Bestselling author of Your Life in Color and But You Knew That Already

"Radleigh Valentine is the perfect guide to show you how to claim the truly magical life you were meant to live."


Jean Haner 

Bestselling author of Clear Home, Clear Heart and The Five Element Solution.