Angel Oracle expert Radleigh Valentine and Color Intuitive Dougall Fraser have teamed up to guide you on a journey into the enchanting world of Angels and Auras


serve as our loving guardians, lighting a path forward when we lose our way.

Our angels walk alongside us throughout life, just waiting to be asked for their support.

But there is so much more to these unique beings. Each archangel offers a specific set of qualities that light us up in beneficial ways.

In addition to their unique identities, every angel also has a specific color vibration that can be used to strengthen our connection to them.


are the life essence that glow around every living thing.

The color that radiates from us changes based on our current life circumstances, choices, and state of mind.

The human aura provides a wealth of information about us, such as whether we are in a more creative or leadership-oriented frame of mind. These colors can also be used to change specific aspects of our personality.

That’s why your current aura color provides a blueprint of your energy in this moment, as well as guidance on how to proceed.

This online program combines the loving guidance of our angels with the cosmic transformative energy of color.

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Radleigh and Dougall are friends and Hay House colleagues who discovered interesting parallels between the worlds of angels and color energy. 

Combining their considerable expertise, they have been teaching these complementary spiritual concepts together at popular in-person workshops.

This Course Will Give You The Tools To:

  • Understand the powerful link between color energy and receiving angelic guidance 
  • Use color to align with your angels in a unique and meaningful way
  • Receive valuable information and boost your intuitive skills
  • Add a powerful new dimension to your angel oracle cards
  • Weave healing color energy into your spiritual practice
  • Find a deeper sense of peace and balance

Included In This Course:

Now the fun part!
You will receive unlimited access to all course content
available and ready whenever you are.

Video Lessons

  • Five video lessons taught by Radleigh and Dougall. 
  • These lessons are easily digestible lesson that will focus on a different aspect of your angels and their associated colors


  • Angelic color meditations led by both Dougall and Radleigh
  • Each meditation is designed to align your energy with specific angels
  • All meditations are digitally recorded and available to enjoy whenever you like


  • PDF documents for every  lesson, with detailed notes and additional information
  • Randomly selected participants will be given a “spotlight” reading during every live lesson