I know you.


You're a seeker who refuses to be afraid.

You're on a journey...


A magical, jaw-dropping journey of discovery.


And you're finally ready to find the answers you've been searching for.

You're ready to be surrounded by a community of like-minded seekers...


And to receive guidance from a mentor you can trust to take your gifts to a whole new level.


Now you can be personally coached and mentored by globally recognized Tarot expert Radleigh Valentine...

Radleigh Valentine's School of Tarot presents...


Tarot Mastermind


A 3-Day Intensive Mentoring Experience with Tarot Expert Radleigh Valentine.


December 4-6, 2020 | Online

Meet Radleigh Valentine

Imagine being best friends with a grown-up Harry Potter or with Peter Pan or Aladdin... or having a sparkling guardian angel or fairy godbrother whispering in your ear, encouraging you to believe that your life... is magic.

Best Selling Hay House author and celebrated spiritual teacher and speaker Radleigh Valentine vividly embodies the magic of those childhood dreams and brings them to life with his endearing, affirming message to readers and audiences that their lives truly can be as magical as their dreams.

Since 2012, he’s been bringing the angelic messages of pure love and unconditional support to audiences from all around the world, including regular appearances at the Angel World Summit in London, Engelkongress in Germany and Austria, and Hay House I Can Do It! Events.


Who Is This Mastermind For?

This program is for students of any level of experience... who are seeking the guidance and inspiration to share their gifts in a whole new way.



Whether you're just discovering the many magical gifts of using Tarot now... of you've been a practitioner for many years (or lifetimes)...

The teachings of this program are going to illuminate the pathway to a whole new realm of possibility for you.

As you step onto this path, you will be guided and supported every step along the way by Radleigh, by Spirit, and by the Angels. 

Trust yourself, trust your guides, and take a BIG leap of Spirit toward the Tarot practice... and the life... of your dreams.  

What You'll Learn in This Mastermind

In this powerful THREE-day online experience, you'll be personally coached and mentored by Radleigh in everything you need to know... to take your work and business as a Tarot Reader to a whole new level.

Radleigh's Tarot Mastermind will bring you the very best tools and training to take this next big step on your journey.

Through a combination of trainings, demonstrations, exercises, and practice, you will gain the skills and confidence you need to build and grow a successful business as a Tarot Reader.

Here Are Just a Few of the Many Topics Radleigh Will Cover...

Connect with Tarot on a Deeper Level

Tap into a whole new level of skills and understanding around your work with Tarot and The Angels as Radleigh takes you behind the scenes on how he does what he does... and how you can bring these teachings into your life too.

Work Directly with Radleigh Online

Spend time working and connecting with Radleigh and your Tarot peers in an exclusive and intimate online setting. This program is designed for just 30 participants and will give you individualized and personalized experiences.

Meet Friends from All Around the World

Connect with a loving, supportive, and active peer group of healers, tarot readers, angel practitioners, intuitives and more... you'll meet your new spiritual BFF, hear from a different voices and experiences... and continue learning about your own gifts.

What It's Like to be a Member of Radleigh's Mastermind Group

This brand-new mastermind experience is the result of Radleigh's three decades of experience in the field of Tarot, and as a bestselling author and spiritual teacher.

In this program, you're getting almost 20 hours of specialized mentoring, guidance, and coaching directly from Radleigh in a small online setting.

You'll also gain access to never-before-taught tools and techniques for taking your Tarot readings to a whole new level... so you can provide accurate and powerful readings for yourself and others.

And as a SPECIAL BONUS, you'll also receive THREE LIVE group video integration calls, so you can track your progress, check in with your peers, and learn even more with Radleigh.


This Virtual Mastermind is


To ensure that your Mastermind training experience is effective and powerful, only 30 spaces are open for purchase.

You'll be able to work and interact directly with Radleigh, practice what you've learned with your Mastermind peers, be connected to an amazing network of Tarot Readers... and so much more.

Your Daily Mastermind Schedule

Friday, December 4th

11:00am to 7:00pm ET

Begin your first full day of training by sharing your story with the group, setting goals, and getting up close and personal with Radleigh.

Saturday, December 5th

11:00am to 7:00pm ET

Your second day of training goes even deeper into tools, teachings, and techniques to open, expand, and supercharge your spiritual gifts.

Sunday, December 6th

11:00am to 2:00pm ET

On our third day together, you'll get to ask your questions, get key feedback from Radleigh, and put some plans into action for you and your goals.

All times listed in Eastern Time. If you're not able to join us LIVE, you'll receive access to on-demand recordings in your student account.

"Your life is meant to be one of wishes granted and dreams come true, and you have the magic within you to make that happen."


Your Mastermind BONUS:

Sign up now and receive access to THREE LIVE Group Integration Calls. You'll love these live and interactive virtual check-ins that extend your mastermind experience for another three months. You'll feel gently encouraged and supported by your peers, get even more coaching from Radleigh... and so much more.

And Featuring Technology That Brings Us Together

We're dedicated to bringing you empowering and inspirational programs that you can enjoy from the comfort and safety of your own home... and with the ability to connect across time and space to be with your Tarot Family!

Our programs utilize Zoom and our own learning software that will provide you with everything you'll need to have an incredible experience!

So here's why you need to act fast...

Only 9 30 Spaces are Left in This Mastermind

To ensure that you get the very best out of this experience, Radleigh's Tarot Mastermind is limited in how many students can attend. As a result, only NINE spaces are left for this workshop.

So if you know RIGHT NOW, that this program is for you, click the button below and register now for this incredible experience. 

December Mastermind

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What some of Radleigh's students are saying...


"Radleigh is an AMAZING teacher! His courses are engaging and fun making learning Tarot easy & fun!"








"Radleigh is a down to earth, fun, and very insightful teacher that takes the time to make his students feel important and supported in their learning. He makes learning fun and takes the fluff out, leaving only intuitive wisdom on the table to easily work with and hone. I loved learning about intuitive Tarot with Radleigh."


"Radleigh does a fantastic job of teaching information, tips and insights. He has a style that not only shows a comfort with his material but inspires comfort in the learner. His humor and contagious giggle are also a great bonus in learning from Radleigh."




"Radleigh is an absolute delight, he teaches with genuine love, humility and compassion, with a great amount of playfulness thrown in."








The Universe has your back,

The Universe loves you,

The Universe adores you.